After Burner II

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After Burner II - Rank A

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ROM Filename: aburner2
Developer: Sega-AM2
Publisher: Sega
Date: October 1987

The shame of emulating this game, is that you can't enjoy its intended experience: sitting in a servo-actuated cockpit that tilts in the direction you're banking on screen.


After Burner is an amazing game for its time. It has slick graphics (astounding for 1987) which provide a good sense of speed and action. The rockin' soundtrack is awesomely cheesy, evoking memories of Maverick and Goose. The controls are responsive, and typify the simple twitch gameplay that made coin-op arcade games so much fun.

After Burner II isn't really a proper sequel, as it is a minor upgrade over the original. The visuals are marginally improved, and a throttle was added to control speed. (If you're using an Xbox 360 controller, I recommend you map these controls to the triggers.) I recommend After Burner II over its predecessor because this slight addition does add a slight twist to the gameplay, and because MAME requires After Burner II in order to play the first game anyway.

Sega has rereleased After Burner II for the PlayStation 2 (Sega Ages series) in Japan, but not stateside. The roundabout way to legitimately access this game is to play Shenmue II (original Xbox, compatible with 360) until the protagonist, Ryo Hazuki, reaches an arcade. You'll find playable versions of Sega Classics Afterburner II, Outrun, Hang On, and Space Harrier.

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