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Cloning Clyde (XBLA)

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Cloning Clyde (XBLA) - Rank C

Developer: NinjaBee
Publisher: NinjaBee
Date: 7/19/06

Cloning Clyde is a side-scrolling platformer, closer in spirit to puzzlers like Lost Vikings as opposed to actioners like Mario. Clyde himself is a doofy test subject in a hospital gown that's drafty up the backside. Your goal, as Clyde, is to escape the research facility by running, jumping, attacking, and activating switches and levers. Frequently, you'll need to clone yourself in order to solve the conundrums impeding your progress, and then escape with each of your doppelgangers. It gets interesting when you hop into the cloning machine with an animal. Clyde emerges half-chicken or half-monkey as the case may be, with the various abilities you might expect. You can freely switch between original Clyde and any of his clones in order to solve the puzzles that obstruct you.

Cloning Clyde is charming, with an attractive cartoony style and the occasional cleverness, but unfortunately it's also highly repetitive and not particularly challenging. Aside from hunting down collectibles to polish off Achievements, you won't have much reason to return to Cloning Clyde once you blow through the 34 levels. That number may sound significant, but they're quite brief, and the game is best played in quick tidbits as an undemanding side diversion. Cloning Clyde is decent, but not special in any particular way, and unless "side-scrolling puzzle-solving light platforming with multiplayer options" is exactly what you're looking for, you can probably find a better use of your $10.

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