Edrio Two Tubes

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Edrio Two Tubes

Fluff: Tognath member of Saw Gerrera's partisans, and Benthic's eggmate; seen with namesake breathing tubes in Rogue One
Ability: Before you activate, if you are focused, you may perform an action.
Format: Extended only
Points: 43
Version: 1/9/20 points update

Recommended Upgrades
Astromech: none
Torpedo: none
Illicit: none
Modification: none
Configuration: Servomotor S-foils (auto-include)

To the best of my knowledge, Edrio has made cut in only one tournament of note. 2018 Coruscant Invitational consisted of 82 players who had, at minimum, made Top 8 at a System Open. Incredibly, some scruffy-looking, nerfherding Mynock named Steven Gonzales took this worthless dumpster fire to Day 2 against, arguably, the toughest field ever assembled:

Steven Gonzales' Worthless Dumpster Fire - 199 points (with free Leia), Rank Worthless Dumpster Fire
(49) Thane Kyrell: Crack Shot
(48) Biggs Darklighter: Servomotor S-foils
(45) Edrio Two Tubes: Servomotor S-foils
(57) Benthic Two Tubes: Leia Organa, Perceptive Copilot, Pivot Wing

Keep in mind that we had just caught a red-eye after a Mynock wedding, caffeinated, and jumped right into Swiss with nary a wink of sleep in over 24 hours. Despite that, not only did Steve somehow advance, that waste of human flesh had the audacity to finish the event precisely one spot ahead of me (12th of 82 players). With that hot steaming sack of rancid garbage juice! (If you drop the Crack Shot on Thane, everything else currently fits at 200 points.)

(Farmer did not fare as well):

Edrio is essentially a Blue Squadron Escort, with a 3 point premium for his Illicit slot and janky ability. You want to keep him as cheap as possible, and he needs external help to trigger his ability. The two options are coordinate at initiative 2 or less, or passing Edrio a focus before he activates.

3U Edrio - 200 points, Rank C
(43) Edrio Two Tubes: Servomotor S-foils
(55) Benthic Two Tubes: Chopper, Perceptive Copilot, Pivot Wing
(52) Heff Tobber: Cassian Andor, Jyn Erso, Pivot Wing
(50) Blue Squadron Scout: Leia Organa, Pivot Wing

The entire squad is initiative 2, loaded with thematic fluffiness, and all 3 U-Wings are able to give Edrio a focus before he activates. Headed into engagement, Edrio should keep his S-foils closed for maximum flexibility. After he receives his focus from Benthic, Edrio can focus action for another (and Jyn it into an evade), optionally link that into a boost (which can immediately be cleared with a blue maneuver), open his S-foils, execute his maneuver, then take a lock for his regular action. I think I just listed 4 actions!

Another favorite of mine is to boost or barrel roll as his ability action, then Koiogran or Talon Roll for outrageous positioning options, with a focus token still in tow. Doing this on a Leia turn is deeply satisfying.

Benthic's action generates two focus tokens, one of which he can pass. Chopper crew ensures that Benthic can stop maneuver and still take that action.

Heff takes a peek at enemy dials with Cassian, and potentially changes his dial to block and trigger an additional action. If not, Edrio has perfection information with which to barrel roll or boost, before or after maneuvering to effect the block. All the U-Wings can pivot with this intel to catch this target in arc. Jyn provides added resilience to all ships.

Finally, Blue Squadron Scout houses Leia, one of the most powerful tools in the Rebel arsenal.

This squad is a ton of triggers to piece together, but the tool set is enjoyable and flexible. I graded it as Rank C, but it might be pushing Rank B - I just couldn't bring myself to give any Edrio squad higher than a C.

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