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Vargas Prefers the Company of Men

Dee Yun Dee Yun: (contact-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2008-03-07 02:15:04

Cross Comic Continuity

I'm rich biyotch! My beloved AK-47 is now plated in gold!

For those of you aren't aware of this unlockable bonus in Call of Duty 4, you have to notch 150 headshots with each of the seven assault rifles. This fairly ridiculous challenge cost me tons of deaths, as instead of simply killing my opponents, I found myself sneaking up behind them in order to aim more precisely at their noggins.

The G3 was particularly vexing. It's a good weapon, but requires two hits to kill someone, even if you pop them in the face! It got to the point where I'd use flags in Domination to lure my victims. I got one of my final G3 headshots by lurking on top of the wooden bridge in Overgrown. When an enemy smoke screened it to seize the flag, I dropped down and slowly approached him. I pressed the muzzle of the G3 right against his temple in order to guarantee the headshot. You have to be that close in order to get a single shot kill with the G3. Right after I fired, I heard my teammate Teknick laughing his ass off. It's just ludicrous to execute an enemy in that fashion, instead of simply eliminating him. These Call of Duty 4 challenges are vexing, but it's a testament to how addicting and enduring the multiplayer is, that I and many others are willing to suffer these indignities for nothing more than some shiny bling. Or it's a testament to our stupidity...

Today's strip is part of an unprecedented amount of continuity between The Adventures of Dave the Direman and Squishy Comics. We'd discussed crossovers in the past, but nothing ever came of them, and it took Vargas' sexual confusion to unite us in a common thread.

So, you're supposed to read this one first, checking The Adventures of Dave the Direman #327 and Squishy Comics #192 if you missed them. Then proceed to Squishy Comics #193 to follow the continuing saga of Vargas' dalliances with the unfairer sex.

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