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The History of Dave the Direman

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Our flagship comic launched on October 3rd, 2005 to absolutely no acclaim and zero fanfare. It was originally a crude (visually and conceptually) hobby project intended to get David Vargas drawing. He clearly possessed raw talent for illustration, but had yet to leverage that into a meaningful skill set. Driven by the frustration borne of friendship, David Yun cajoled him into drawing, and drawing on a deadline-driven schedule.

The Adventures of Dave the Direman has developed into the not-nearly-as-crude (visually, at least) showpiece you see today. David Vargas is now an artistic force to be reckoned with, and David Yun remains, as always, a literary juggernaut in his own mind. After considering tackling topics outside the realm of videogames, he has come to the realization that videogaming is a distilled microcosm of life, the universe, and everything. He has used the comic strip as a platform to engage in semi-ranting punditry disguised as blogs, which have shockingly grown to be, among certain circles of the clinically insane, more popular than the strip itself.

This publishing site launched on January 30th, 2008 on the strength of the comic stripís readership. The Adventures of Dave the Direman is now in stage two: our carefully cultivated following shall now be harvested of their material wealth.

Character Sheets

Dave the Direman

Dave is the pinnacle of creation...the pure template from which corruption begat the rest of us wretched impotents. He is a dire man, a plus five man. Despite his obvious superiority, or perhaps because of it, he demonstrates a surprisingly resilient capacity to suffer the buffoonery of lesser men.


It's a good thing that Biggs keeps company with moral and sensible friends, as he is easily swayed and recklessly impulsive. He is a total munchkin, having repeatedly rerolled his Dexterity stat for the maximum. Biggs is an unrelentingly blind and fanatical supporter of the PlayStation brand.


Wedge is a fierce and resolute warrior with a tremendous sense of responsibility and a hatred for injustice. He carries that over to his family life, where he dotes on his wife Tina, son Spartacus, and everyone he calls friend. His unwavering courage belies an overly sensitive girliness.


Tina is completely devoted to her husband Wedge, but she considers it her sacred duty to keep him and his idiot friends in line. She enjoys using her femininity to put dudes off their game, before pwning the bitches with her 1337 online skills.


Spartacus is Tina and Wedge's baby boy. His resolute inquisitiveness has been reinforced by ninja training from his dire godfather, Dave.


Vawce is an undead husk empowered to be the agent of an implacably evil Old One. Vawce himself isn't necessarily evil per se, just utterly amoral. It remains to be seen whether he will remain on the side of angels, or turn on Dave and his companions in obedience to his master's wishes to usher in the tidal wave of blood that would result from the harvesting of humanity.


Tentacleye is a symbiotic parasite who assists Vawce in his skulduggery. Tentacleye's penetratingly keen insight and sparkling personality is rendered useless by the fact that it's mute (has no mouth), but it accepts this irony with equanimity.


You really don't want to get to know this man.

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