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Survior Monster Island

Postby Celo on Wed May 25, 2011 10:16 am

I remember there was a website out there that did a blog about who would win in a Toho Style Monster Island Show. They stopped it before it could be finished because they were issued a cease and dissist order from Survivor and Toho.
It was a shame because it was some good fun reading. Now for a website that I remember check out I feature a deli now turned into a soda pop shop. It is a two part episode and by the time most of you who read this, the second part will be up. So please take a look,share, comment on it as well as become a fan of "Coming To You LIVE with Marcelo Araujo" on Facebook at
Thank you for your support and remember if there is a person, place, establishment, eatery or anything of that sort that you would like to be seen featured, just send us the information and we will try to make it work.
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