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Postby neumunki on Thu Mar 06, 2008 4:13 pm

I'm surprised that a) I had never heard of this game and b) it's not based on Osamu Tesuka's Wonder 3 (you know, those 3 animals that.. i don't know.. ride around in a wheel in Treasure's Astroboy GBA game (which is amazingly good.))
Also, the side scrollin' Contra-esque shooter looks alot like an effin' Brian Froud remix of Gunstar Heroes (which replaces anything zany with anything fairy related.)

As for retro arcade games: review Rabbit Punch! I loved the art in it.
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Re: 3Wonders

Postby Parsifal on Thu Mar 06, 2008 9:33 pm

Regarding "Wonder 3" I know exactly what you're talking about. I managed to borrow a friends copy of "Astro Boy" for the GBA and totally loved it. It was a major burn looking around for a copy of my own and not being able to find it. I think I might be able to via Amazon or eBay though, the game was good enough to warrant a purchase despite having already beaten it/being for a older system (which really, just makes it "retro":P)

A donut shop across the street from my Junior High School got "Three Wonders" once and I was totally blown away (at the time) by the concept. Dee nailed it right on the head. "Midnight Wanderers" and "Chariot" we fun, solid examples of the genres they were portraying (with a semi-connected story) and the art was bright with the screen just busy enough to be engaging but not overwhelming. I didn't so much mind "Don't Pull" but I only played it once or twice, which may say something about it on its own.

I completely forgot the name of the cabinet but remembered the games themselves. It wasn't until years later that I ran into it again and checked up as must emulate. I'd actually been close to picking up the "Capcom Classics" games a few times but I figure this is what pushes it into the "buy" category, just for the sake of being able to kick back in front of my Xbox and veg out for a bit.
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Re: 3Wonders

Postby David Yun on Fri Mar 07, 2008 1:35 am

Well, that's the point of this column - to help you find cool games you were unaware of! And I'll take a look at Rabbit Punch when I get to it. That's the point of this forum - to help me help you find cool games we were unaware of!

And Parsifal, I suggest you buy it from Amazon by using the search box on our web pages ;)
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