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Postby David Yun on Sun Mar 16, 2008 1:50 am

Hey Mike, and other DD fans:

The most recent storyarc (#99-105) was one of the best in Daredevil history. Ed Brubaker is an incredible crime/noir writer, and his skills fit DD like a glove. #105 stands up there with anything Frank Miller or Brian Bendis ever turned out. In fact, for old school Miller fans, Brubaker's Daredevil is a natural extension of the character that Miller essentially designed way back when.

Without any spoilers, Brubaker took a perennial loser, Mr. Fear (who?) and wrote him into a badass, and had him fuck Matt Murdock at least as hard as Kingpin or Bullseye ever did.

He also writes a book called Criminal, which I recommend without reservation, especially if you want your crime fiction sans spandex. The first storyarc is now in trade, and the second should be out shortly if it isn't already. I just grabbed the first issue of the 3rd arc, and I'm continually astonished that this multiple Eisner-award winning series just keeps getting better.
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