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Re: YAY Comics

PostPosted: Sat Mar 01, 2008 11:24 am
by trebuchet
Wow. Never even thought of it that way.

Re: YAY Comics

PostPosted: Sat Mar 01, 2008 9:23 pm
by iroNy
Well, I've finally gotten around to registering and after 30 minutes of tweaking my stolen avatar. I got it to fit these commie size constraints. Since this thread seems to be about Supergirl more than anything else, let me just say that I have to agree with Dee. Supergirl hasn't been good since Peter David's hail mary ending arch which teamed him up Andy Benes as artist, who is a much better artist than Turner. I liked Turner when he first showed up, never read Danger Girl but the art was fresh back then. If you take a look at his art, it falls under the Steve Dillon category Arturo and I gripe about, which is everyone pretty much looks the same.
Peter David went on to do Fallen Angel, which was partly the direction he wanted to take Supergirl. I didn't read because, well, it's a Supergirl story with Kara being replaced with a new character. Bleh.

Fables is great. I picked up Robin because Willingham was writing it. I will never pick up another book by him again that isn't related to Fables.

Y the last man has completed it's run, go get it. Planetary has completed it's run, go get that.

One more thing. Marvel and DC. What the hell? There's a ton of Bat/x-men books out there. They're never going to attract new readers with that many separate titles of the same team/characters. Trimming things down would be a great idea and the creative teams of those can, oh I don't know - think of something interesting to write? This is why I only read Marvel's Ultimate line, cause I caught it when it started.

One more thing. DC does have something new in Simon Dark. It reads like a Vertigo title in the main DC line, which is excellent. Steve Niles borrows from The Crow on this one but that's not necessarily a bad thing.