Interesting LGBTQ Links - pass 'em on!

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Interesting LGBTQ Links - pass 'em on!

Postby MadCat on Sat Oct 16, 2010 8:12 pm <-- beware of F-Bombs! NSFW! :mrgreen:

I was sent a great video by a reader, and I wanted to pass it on... a funny pro-gay marriage advertisement from The right to marry who you love is taken for granted by straight people, but denied to gay people. So how about some of that 'equal rights' and 'pursuit of happiness' stuff the Constitution is always talking about? Send it our way! Support gay marriage!

Also: the purpose of this thread is for all you readers out there: if you find a good LGBTQ article or video and you want to pass it along, post it here! I'd love to see it! :D

(P.S.: people who say 'oh, gays can have civil unions as long as they're not thinking they can have actual holy matrimony' piss me off. They're basically saying "Oh, God is only for straight people." Fuck that. God is all for equality, available to anyone. Loves everyone the way they are and wants them to be happy.)
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