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Loot! Swag! Booty! Stuff!

Postby MadCat on Sun Mar 13, 2011 4:41 am

After much deliberating (read: being a big wuss) I decided that the three-year anniversary would be a good time to finally offer some products for sale! Several people had asked if I had anything available to buy, or any way to support the comic in general, so now I finally have a few options for you! (I'll try to come up with more in time!)

I tried to have things available at varying prices, because I know people can't always afford to spend a lot on things like this. So far I have:

A wallpaper at Lulu.com: you get all sizes (800x800,1024x768,1280x1024, and 1600x900) for $3!

And some cute things at CafePress.com!

A greeting card for $5
A calendar-print for $7
A mousepad for $15

and shirts based on the "Bonk!" of strip #383
A t-shirt(dark) for $23
A t-shirt(white) for $19
A t-shirt(white) for $13 (this one is less because it's the "value" shirt, so the material is a little thinner; would make a good undershirt)

I tried to get a copy of the things to make sure they looked nice, before offering them for sale, but I didn't get the card or print yet, or the standard white t-shirt. But the mousepad, dark shirt and white undershirt looked cute.

If none of these options appeal, feel free to click the Donation link on the front page and Send Me a Dollar! :mrgreen: Or if you're looking for non-financial ways to support the comic, just keep reading, tell your friends, talk on the forums, etc! You are all awesome, whether you can donate or not!
I want my job description to be: "gets paid to draw sexy ladies." :D
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