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Postby fireraven on Mon May 27, 2013 3:30 pm

While this is fine and dandy for most anyone using a standard broadband connection, what about the somewhat vast number of people in rural parts of the country who have to use poor quality satellite ISPs like HughesNet and WildBlue? These providers tend to crank up the latency and lower your bandwidth when they feel you're using too much. They'll be just as badly off as other people who's ISPs are flaky, and in some cases as are my experiences for the vast stretches of having HughesNet they'll be as boned as people without internet.

On another note I was experimenting with stringing computers in in my house together using similar technology, OpenGL the same as can be used to make RaspberryPis into super computers. While theoretically you could use the cloud for a boost latency or throughput, normally latency, can then become your bottleneck and it really does make for a horrible over all experience when that happens. Lagging in an offline game is generally all around inexcusable. I could certainly see this as being a brilliant thing if they have the resources to make it work well for everyone, but I won't hold my breath simply because this is more and more looking like a console for people in a big city.
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