What a tryhard

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What a tryhard

Postby Mike on Sat Aug 28, 2010 7:16 pm

As I sit in my rocking chair holding my controller I hear the small pitterpatter of footsteps behind me. Some may attribute this to my paranoia induced sense of vigilance; however, my ears enhanced by Turtle Beach are typically on the money. As I turn around I see a green man in mid-air spinning towards me. My keen reflexes tell me... "Pull the right trigger." As the green man straightens out to see me he's blown back 15 feet... spiraling to his demise. A voice in my head which I can only attribute to a message from the beyond says... "You fucking tryhard, Muffin."

I realize... I love feeding on the tears of the dead.

"Try Hard" is a stupid insult for two reasons:

Two: When somebody jumps into my optimum kill zone... I really don't have to try very hard.
Semper Iratus, Motherfucker.
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