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Thursday 05/06/2006.

The door was closed. Hadn’t been opened for the last two weeks. Foul smell filled the room. There were glass bottles filled with urinals. He loved it. The walls were covered with pieces of paper (then had some weird notes scribbled on them). The only exception was where the mirror hung at a corner of the wall. The room stood in darkness. Awake. He couldn’t get it out of his mind. The more he tried to get rid of it the more it bugged him (bloody bitch!). Awake. He went to the canvas. Looked at his painting for half a minute…rage, anger, love, death, blood flooded his mind. A mix of emotions the painting held. A naked girl drenched in blood with red eye, knife in her hand and a grin on her face seemed strangely beautiful. Beautiful art it was. Took the painting and tore it into two halves. Quiet outrageously dumped the painting in the bath tub. He hadn’t had a sleep for the last couple of days. Went towards the mirror and gazed at his reflection. He had dark brown eyes, quiet a fair complexioned skin, pointed nose and curly hairs. He didn’t like them especially his ears. He hated it!! He hated them!! He hated the hallucinations!!

Friday 06/06/2006

(article from the Times Of India, p2)

Source TNN

Body of an unidentified youth was found under mysterious conditions at the Plaza complex on Friday morning. The cops found broken pieces of glass bottles near the body while some were found at some distance.
The body was lying inside the dark & cold bedroom which was locked from inside. The body had no “glass-stab” injuries. The body had been cut quiet vengeance-fully with a knife. The police have registered a case of homicide.
“The body has number injury marks. The EARS have been cut lunaticaly. The broken bottle had no blood coating. The knife which was used to cut the ears hasn’t been found yet. Unless the post-mortem reports are known murder case will not be registered.” said senior inspector at the police station. Also a nude painting positioned on the tripod was found besides the body.
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