Is there an easy way to get around not being able to draw?

How should I be Photoshopping?

Is there an easy way to get around not being able to draw?

Postby Zephyr190 on Sun Sep 04, 2011 5:46 pm

Since you're all professionals you seem like the right people to ask. However since you're good at it you might not have a decent answer.

I want to put together a few comic strips, I was inspired to after I started drawing little 3-4 panel comics in the back of exam booklets in the hope hope that it would make the marker a little more lenient with me. The writing is (questionably) good, but I've hit a major crutch that now I don't have exam time restraints so don't really have and excuse for crappy stick figure stuff and I want to try and make it look a little nicer and a bit less like I'm ripping off XKCD. Is there any advice anyone has about drawing things that look passable while I have no drawing talent?

EDIT: Whoops, I may have accidentally hammered on the post button. Please don't kill me mr moderator.
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