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Sorry, no Episode 20: I know we said we'd do one more DFL Podcast, but goofing off for Thanksgiving severely impacted my schedule. All of us wish our listeners good luck making and winning their fantasy football playoffs, and we'll see you next year!

Download Episode 19         November 23, 2013: Week 12 Matchups

Here's a link explaining who Jordan Cameron owners should blame for the lack of production.

Download Episode 18         November 15, 2013: Week 11 Matchups

Download Episode 17         November 8, 2013: Week 10 Matchups and Miami Bullying

Also, refer to this handy flowchart when deciding what NFL team to root for.

Download Episode 16         November 2, 2013: Week 9 Matchups

And check out Horsin' Around with Eric Berry!

Download Episode 15         October 25, 2013: Week 8 Matchups and the "Redskins" Discussion

Download Episode 14         October 18, 2013: Week 7 Matchups

Download Episode 13         October 11, 2013: Injury Risk Assessment and Week 6 Matchups

Note: I spend the opening ranting lecturing about "Injury Prone"-ness. You may find it useful for risk analysis, but if you just came for the weekly matchups you can skip to the 33 minute mark.

Also, please excuse all the times I pat myself on the back regarding my fantasy track record. My fragile ego needed some reassurance after my "week of wrong" (even that week was mostly spot on GAH THERE I GO AGAIN!)

Download Episode 12         October 5, 2013: Week 5 Matchups

Download Episode 11         September 27, 2013: Week 4 Matchups

Download Episode 10         September 20, 2013: Week 3 Matchups and How to Analyze Waiver Prospects

Download Episode 9         September 13, 2013: Week 2 Matchups
Note: Hit this link and check out Iron Man Football Club's score to witness fantasy pain.

Download Episode 8         September 6, 2013: Week 1 Matchups
Note: I make the overstatement that Ryan Mathews is unplayble. That's hyperbole, but it does express how much I dislike him as a fantasy play.

Download Episode 7         August 30, 2013: Kickers, Defenses, and IDP Strategies
Note: I done lost my mind; the first game of the season is Ravens-Broncos, not Cowboys-Giants.

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Download Episode 6         August 23, 2013: Quarterback and Tight End Rankings

Download Episode 5         August 16, 2013: Wide Receiver Rankings

Download Episode 4         August 9, 2013: Running Back Rankings, Part 2

Download Episode 3         August 2, 2013: Running Back Rankings, Part 1

Download Episode 2         July 26, 2013: Draft Strategy; How to Draft a Fantasy Football Team.

Download Episode 1         July 19, 2013: What fantasy football is, why you should play it, and how to run a league.

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