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Like Old Times

Dave Dave: (dave-deleteme[at]-deleteme-squishycomics [dot] com) 2007-11-28 10:24:36

Count Your Sheep, Squishyfied

For those of you who want to try something else, take a look at Count Your Sheep by Adrian Ramos. It follows the lives of Katie, her mother Laurie, and their imaginary best friend Ship. It's very light hearted, and I love it for it. Oh, and Adrian put up a Squishy guest strip up today ;) You can find it here: Count Your Sheep.

As for today's Squishy strip, Dan was correct when he assumed that I would read the script and not get it at first. Mike, on the other hand, read it and immediately laughed. Apparently this strip doubles as some sort of test. I apparently failed... or passed... I'm not certain yet.

James James: (james-deleteme[at]-deleteme-squishycomics [dot] com) 2007-11-28 10:32:18

Dave, dave, dave....

I can't believe it took you more than one read to figure that one out... I got it like half way though :P Oblivious Dave strikes again :P

Mike Mike: (mike-deleteme[at]-deleteme-squishycomics [dot] com) 2007-11-28 16:56:55

Can't blame him

You go to school in Humboldt... you pick that shit up FAST.

Lost Coast Represent!

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