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Lying To His Own Mother

Mike Mike: (mike-deleteme[at]-deleteme-squishycomics [dot] com) 2008-03-07 09:47:36

So awesome

THAT is Dave's mom.

THAT is Dave's mom.

THAT is Dave's mom.

Seriously... I mean it when I say it. That is SO DAVE'S MOM.

She rocks.

Dave Dave: (dave-deleteme[at]-deleteme-squishycomics [dot] com) 2008-03-07 10:49:08

Mike's Right. Momma Vargas = Teh Awesome

Today's Direman and Squishy are not only unique in their self referencing humor, but they're also the first two strips to have a "history" of sorts. Their origins are a collection of different seeds which were nurtured until they blossomed into different, but well blended flowers of funny. The first seed came about from a conversation Dee and I were having as I was working on The Adventures of Dave the Direman #327. It went down something like this:

Vargas: "I can only imagine what my poor mom's thinking if she happens by and sees my screen cluttered with a bunch of beefy dudes."

Yun (laughing): "That's it! That's the next strip!"

Vargas: "Heh, it's good, but you already have this one written up. We can save it for next Friday."

Yun: "Hmm... nah, it'll lose its punch by then... Well, maybe not. We could link the referenced strip."

A few days later, after drawing Squishy Comics #191, the evening before Squishy Comics #192 was due, Dan calls me up:

Dan: "Dave, I'm drawing a blank. Any ideas?"

(After a few fruitless ideas are tossed around)

Dave: "Hmm... okay. Take the strip where Helen and Bianca are gonna kiss."

Dan: "Okay."

Dave: "Now, replace Helen and Bianca with Steve and James respectively, and Dee, James, and Steve shouting 'NO!' at you as the punch line."

(Dan laughs to himself for at least a minute)

Dan: "Yes! I laughed so hard! Yes!"

This strip gave Dee just the right amount of ammo needed to pound out today's Direman, referencing the originating strip as well as a complimentary Squishy strip. Which in turn led to this:

Dave: "Dan, let me show you what's being done for Friday's Direman. I have an idea for Friday's Squishy."

Dave (after e-mailing the strip): "Remember a while ago when Arturo explained to Bianca about Squishy Dave being a Homo Sapiens Oblivious?"

Dan: (After a good chuckle) "Yeah."

Dave: "Okay, so picture Squishy Dave showing Momma Vargas around the office, with Dave commenting to Momma Vargas about her thinking he was gay. Dave introduces Momma Vargas to Bianca and leaves them alone to talk while he wanders off on some business. They talk, and Bianca mentions to Momma Vargas about her knowing that Dave's 'One of those Homo people'. And Dave..."

Dan: "... Dave walks in to Momma Vargas accusing him of hiding secrets from his own mother! I love it!"

And so, after an entire evening of drawing (from 6 PM to 10:30 PM), and many self-references to past strips, we have these two little gems. Enjoy.

P.S. Mike's speaks truth: Momma Vargas does kick ass.

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