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Yub Yub

Dave Dave: (dave-deleteme[at]-deleteme-squishycomics [dot] com) 2008-03-12 11:58:20

Yub Yub!

I suppose a warning saying "this end away from face" wouldn't have helped the little fuzz ball, seeing as how it'd be very unlikely that he'd be able to read the language.

It was pointed out to me that Dan looks a little off in the first and last panels. That's due to the fact that the chair in front of him looks very much like it could be his pants. I blame Dan for giving me such a long script to draw in one evening ( I <3 U, Dan ). Still he did an excellent job with the script, so I didn't mind the task.

Oh, in case you're one of the fans who just happens to jump straight to the Squishy strip and then head off on your merry way (I know there's a few of you ;) ), I'd like to direct you to a NEW Direman Press offering, Everwas, by the talented MadCat. Like the description says, it's a web comic that offers up gamer girls, big boobs, and lesbians! Oh, uh... and... an examination of life's troubles. Very philosophical-type stuff. Yes.

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