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We're All Gonna Die!

Steve Steve: (steve-deleteme[at]-deleteme-squishycomics [dot] com) 2008-06-30 16:51:25

It's about that time...

...we give Vargas some time off from his artistic duties. We'll call it, Squishy "Dave Doesn't Draw" Week(s). I can't say the Direman Weasels will be so kind, but we at Squishy Ink let him kick off the "Productivity Enhancement Anklets" and let Vargas stretch the ol' legs. Heck, it'll give Timmy, our faithful intern, some time away from his bed(chair)pan duties too.

As of today, June 30, Squishy Comics will be accepting Squishy related comic strip submissions until July 11. The strips should not include Pr0n (porn) or explicit images. We don't mind colorful language but we prefer you maintain tact. Also, James reserves the right to not accept or post any submission at his discretion. The strips should be sized 775 pixels wide, at 250kb but no larger than 350kb, and in JPEG format.

We will select the best of all the submissions and post them daily starting July 14. All the other submissions will be posted in a thread in the Forums afterwards. Click on the following names to check on some of last year's submissions; Dee's, Arturo's, Aranthos', and Mike's.

Please email your comic strip to with subject "Squishy Comics", otherwise it will be caught up as spam.

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