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Dave Dave: (dave-deleteme[at]-deleteme-squishycomics [dot] com) 2008-07-14 03:05:11

Mike's Submission

Today's strip is brought to you by Squishy's own Mike Corse. More post when I wake up.

Mike Mike: (mike-deleteme[at]-deleteme-squishycomics [dot] com) 2008-07-14 11:19:06

Based on a true story

True story.


Steve Steve: (steve-deleteme[at]-deleteme-squishycomics [dot] com) 2008-07-14 17:28:37

The only thing true about this story is...

somebody has herpes. I'm not one to point fingers but it is pretty Cors...i mean gross. ^ ^

At first I was like, was it something I said? But you know what? I love having a funny shaped head (mostly from my helmet hair). I don't have short hands a-hole. Oh well, at least you spelled my last name right...

The Dave as Sean Astin line killed me.

Oh, btw, speaking of retarded

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