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Just Doesn't Get It.

Dave Dave: (dave-deleteme[at]-deleteme-squishycomics [dot] com) 2008-11-24 02:19:04

So Tired... So Sleepy...


I can't draw hot cocoa being poured into a cup. Hell, that doesn't even look like liquid; it's more like some sort of mud-like crud. Well, at least Bianca looks pretty.

So Saturday I woke up bright and early after only sleeping for four hours. I went to the shooting range with my buddies Joel and Dee. It's something that helps me relax. I headed home fairly early and decide to get a jump on the strips by getting Monday's Direman out of the way. I figured that if I could get my work done, then the guys and I could spend some time killing zombies on Left 4 Dead. 5 PM rolled around and, since the guys were wrapping up some of their own daily chores, I decided to lie down and take a quick nap while I waited. I opened my eyes to see my clock blinking 2:30 AM at me. Well crud. I stumbled to my computer, shot a quick message to Arturo who happened to be the only guy up playing a game at that time, and I crawled back into bed. I finally woke up again around 8 AM.

I've never, ever slept for 15 hours in my entire life. I can only assume that my body knew something that I didn't and snatched the rest when it could. Damn, my body's crafty.

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