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James, Barrio Ninja

Mike Mike: (mike-deleteme[at]-deleteme-squishycomics [dot] com) 2009-04-13 10:42:05


Not mm. Caliber.

Kids, this is what happens when Mike gets home at 2am and says, "Fuck, I need to write up the strip for Dave." I knew what I was gonna write, but the obvious shit slipped by.


BUT... in my defense.

If a ninja could silence a

I think they would.

Joel Joel: (zeke-deleteme[at]-deleteme-squishycomics [dot] com) 2009-04-13 10:52:06


So I read today's strip and just HAD to comment on the .45mm bit, firearms lawyering! I know it's supposed to be .45 caliber, but I thought the readers might enjoy this link to the 45mm Russian ANTI-TANK gun! XD

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