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The New Neighbors

Mike Mike: (mike-deleteme[at]-deleteme-squishycomics [dot] com) 2009-04-20 10:32:00

They're ninjas


So this weekend was entertaining on a few levels.

Friday was a laaaaaaaaaaazy day. We tried out the 25 man version of Ulduar (the new WoW raid). It's fun and refreshing. That 3.1 patch brought with it some game-changing dynamics. The one that most affects me is the Dual Specs. Being able to flip from DPS to Tank in 5 seconds without spending MORE money is so god damn nice and allows for SO much raid flexibility. Anyways, enough nerd shit.

Saturday was tennis. The last couple of months my friend and I have been rocking crazy tennis against other friends. We still have yet to win a match; but, Saturday was the closest we came. Instead of getting spanked 7-0, or 7-2 (our best previously) we got it to 7-6. It's not like it REALLY matters, but not being terrible is nice.

I went to the beach and DIDN'T get sunburned. Possibly a first.

Sunday was more nerd shit. I played some Dawn of War 2 with a couple of buddies. Still a sexy great game, but if they don't fix the connection issues in 3v3 (does NOT happen in 1v1 or in house, just 3v3 matchmaking) I'll pull my hair out. We had 2 HARD FOUGHT wins that resulted in a disconnect for all parties involved. Garbage.

Dave started running a new game for us. I'll let him talk about it. If you're interested and he DOESN'T start talking, harass him on the boards. Woohaw.

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