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Man and Machine

Paul Yim Paul Yim: (paulyim-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2011-02-16 15:03:22


If God made humans in His image then our machines will one day exhibit that most human of traits: tunnel vision. Human history is riddled with the consequences of "losing the big picture", after all.

I started practicing the guitar again. It was good to shake off the old cobwebs and play some tunes in the middle of the night - no doubt to the consternation of my neighbors. Alas, I won't be playing anymore any time soon because I mashed my fingers on Monday.

I was hanging out with Dave, Dee, and Joel and we all decided to go out for lunch. I decided that I would ride in the rear seat behind Joel who was to drive. As I was getting into the truck I had wrapped my left hand around the frame joining the front and rear doors for support. I did this unconsciously (or, as I later put it, stupidly) and without telling Joel who promptly closed his door shut upon my fingers.

My pinky was saved. My index finger was merely pinched a little. To look at my middle and ring fingers, however, one might remark that I had unsuccessfully tried to paint them with nail polish. There is a deep purple well of dried blood beneath each nail, emanating from the cuticle. On the tippy-tips of each respective finger is a black dot of dried blood, presumably where some of the blood tried to escape as the two fingers were being squeezed by the car door like some tubes of toothpaste.

The pain was excruciating. The only other time that I had felt this nauseated from sudden pain was when I had been hit on the head by a baseball bat. I remember Joel asking me with concern, "Do you want some Advil?" To which I replied in a calm, almost conversational tone, "Some Advil sounds good." I say "almost" because before and after I had requested the Advil the sounds coming out of my mouth were more akin to someone being tortured in a medieval dungeon than civilized conversation.

Needless to say, I am about 80% recovered. It still pains me to type at any length of time greater than thirty minutes so I will have to bid you adieu until Friday. See you then!

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