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Learning Has Not Occurred

Paul Yim Paul Yim: (paulyim-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2012-01-05 22:58:46

Why Is Dave A Hobo?

If you're a mime...never drink anything Artie gives you.

If your name is either Dan or Dave, and you're one of the creators of Squishy Comics...don't sign anything Arturo gives you without reading it first.

I think modern children know what a bum is, but I don't think they'd know a hobo anymore. Growing up with Warner Bros. cartoons introduced me to the idea of a guy wandering the country with a sack tied on a stick, slung over his shoulder. Reading Steinbeck in high school, then Bulosan in college, taught me about the hobo sub-culture in America. To a kid today "hobo" would sound like some hip-hop euphemism.

Aaaaand that's my cue to shut up. 'Cause I'm rambling now. Shutting up. Now. Okay, I'm done. It's late. Okay, for real this time. Shhhh.

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