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A Nerd By Any Other Name...

Paul Yim Paul Yim: (paulyim-deleteme[at]-deleteme-direman [dot] com) 2012-03-29 23:22:27


First: Welcome back Dave! Will the wonders of modern medicine never cease? Also, whatchu been doin' with your thumb that required surgical intervention? Hmmmm??

For the record, bicycles are strictly not allowed by the IQA (that's International Quidditch Association for any muggles out there). I just think it would make the sport more exciting and add an element of danger to the proceedings. Also, it would make catching the Snitch that much harder. The nascent sport has caught on worldwide and the Ivy League is no exception. Future leaders of the world unite to catch the elusively belligerent Golden Snitch!

Flying cars are so year 2000. Flying broomsticks -- now that's what I want to see!

Dave Dave: (dave-deleteme[at]-deleteme-squishycomics [dot] com) 2012-03-30 14:02:27


My thumb feels a lot better now, well enough to do some drawing and play some games. The only trouble is that the bandages on it have to stay on for one more day and, in the meantime, they're screwing with my manual dexterity.

Been watching a lot of Looney Tunes lately. Chuck Jones and Co. worked comedy magic during the '50s. They're also a GREAT source of reference and study material for any would-be cartoonist. I suggest looking some of the episodes up on YouTube (they're all easily found) and watch a couple while you're tooling around on your computer. You'll find yourself watching that instead of looking up more funny cat pictures.

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